Computer Basics

Computer BASICS includes fundamental things that you need to understand about computers in order to succeed in today’s jobs market. Computer hardware and software functions are described, but the real emphasis is on the tasks you want to perform and how you can utilize your computer to increase your productivity and enhance your level of enjoyment and satisfaction.

There are many kinds of computers designed to do many different things. The most popular type of computer - and the one we will be discussing here - is the personal computer or PC. A computer is really just a tool that lets you do something. What you can do is determined by the type of computer you're using and what actions it allows you to take.

A personal computer is designed usually with a single person in mind, and that person is known as a user. Different personal computers exist because users wish to do different things. A user uses a computer to do different things, such as typing a letter or accessing the Internet


  • Introduction to computer
  • Introduction to Software
  • Introduction to Hardware
  • MS DOS Operating system
  • Internal Commands
  • Windows XP Introduction
  • Windows XP Installation
  • Partitioning & Formatting
  • Win XP Shortcuts
  • Device Drivers Configuration
  • Nero CD Burning
  • MS Office Installation
  • MS Word Documenting
  • MS Excel Data Sheet
  • MS Power Point Presentation
  • Internet Browsing
  • Email Account Creation
  • Practice & Exam