Free Education

Today’s education is directly related to the use of technology. In this era of technology, computer knowledge is necessary for career growth and personality development. We are providing free Computer Education to children and youngsters. Basic computer education can help these young minds to develop their skills and look for a brighter tomorrow. Our well-trained professionals impart Computer education in a friendly and effective manner.

Our Education Trust : Vidya @ fortune

Our Mission

“To offer quality education to the deserving personality."
Fortune IT aims to provide Free & quality education to the children to improve the economy & life style of  poor the family. We make every effort to bridge the gap between these justified  contender and quality education by triumph over the obstruction in acquiring it. With the firm Belief  that the educated mind can not only do away with social ills but also aid in the socio-economic nurture of the society.

Our Objectives

  • To identify educational institutions where we can enhance the quality of amenities and the faculty. This will in turn bring about a significant positive change in the quality of education for its students.
  • To create a sense of awareness on the importance of Computer education and its significance among the rural masses.
  • To establish Out-of-school Learning Centers in rural areas with special emphasis on soft skills for overall personality development.
  • To cater to the educational requirement and monitor the development of the deserved individual.
  • To establish an educational institution in the long run, that is committed to imparting quality education and personality development for students in the rural areas.
  • To change the struggling child's academic life to ensure easier learning,
  • To help students in regular schools
  • To help students develop study skills
  • To train students in organizational skills
  • To provide training in test-taking skills