Hardware A+

Everyone is interested nowadays in finding out as much as possible about technology and especially computer technology which has evolved very much in the last few years. There have been made many changes within computers, computer components and their performance so that users might have the opportunity to work with their computers better and more properly in order to achieve better results within their work with these electronic devices. Computer components are very important to be analyzed by users who are willing to learn more about their computers, about the latest technological changes in computer hardware and software and about which ones might help them improve their computers and the way in which they can work with them. There are many important aspects to be discussed about both computer hardware and software because they both include very important components which influence the performance of the computer system and the way in which users can work with their computers.

The main components of computer hardware are considered to be the computer case, the motherboard, the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, the central processing unit, the random access memory, the hard drive, the basic input output system, the CD drive, the DVD drive, the floppy disk drive, the modem, the printers and many others. There are numerous and various components of computer hardware and they are all important in one way or another for the computer in which they are included.

Hardware Engineer Duration: 2 Months

  • Introduction to Computer Hardware
  • Introduction to Computer Software
  • Disk Operating System - DOS
  • Internal & External Commands
  • Hard disk Partitioning  & Formatting
  • Windows XP Installation
  • Driver configuration
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Control Panel
  • Device Manager
  • System Tools
  • Windows XP Registry
  • Printer Configuration
  • Windows Backup & Restore
  • PC Assembling/Disassembling
  • BIOS/CMOS settings
  • Bus Architecture
  • Clock Cycle
  • Pipelining
  • Cache Memory
  • Chipset
  • Hard disk components
  • CD/DVD Manufacturing
  • Modem Connections
  • PC Troubleshooting
  • Internet