Interview Training

The Interview is everything, probably there will be multiple interviews. Every interview is a performance, and only way to get ready is to practice. Every situation is unique. Interviews can vary from the most simple screenings to highly sophisticated negotiations.

An interview is really a time to shine. So develop your lines and look and act the part of a real winner. Be sure to have done your homework and know all there is to know about the company, the position, and especially all about the person talking to you. Remember to be friendly, not only to the interviewer, but to all the people you may encounter in the company, including the receptionist. Have all your questions ready, and don't compromise. Learn how to be sure that you discover in an interview whether this is the right job for you.


Interview Practice

  • Short individual interviews
  • Self analysis of perception of interview performance
  • Tutor and group feedback and review of strengths and areas for development

Dealing with nervous energy

  • Techniques to aid relaxation and reduce stress
  • Positive visualisation techniques to help build confidence

Increasing personal impact by using your voice more effectively

  • Using the voice to convey a clear and confident style
  • Using the power of pause to control pace and deliver clear well structured responses

Sell yourself successfully

  • Personal S.W.O.T. analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats
  • Brainstorming key characteristics of the ideal interview candidate
  • How to tackle the "tell me about yourself" question

Interview practice

  • Delivery of "tell me about yourself" question
  • Review of impact created and how to increase this

Increasing personal impact by using body language to your advantage

  • Using body language to create a strong first impression
  • Using eye contact to build rapport with the interview panel

Q&A Bank

  • Structuring clear and effective responses to typical interview questions
  • How to prepare for difficult interview questions
  • Creating your own Q&A bank
  • Interviewing the interviewers - asking your own questions Interview practice
  • Interview practice sessions
  • Feedback on personal strengths and targets for further development

Action Planning

  • Personal action plans
  • Course evaluations