Networking N+

Computer network is an integral part of our daily lives, with the most important reason being that of communication. The use of computer networking is to share resources like fax machines, printers, modems, files etc., and its other uses are database server, computer server, email, chat, internet etc. The computer to which the resources are attached is called the server and the other computers that access the resource are called clients. In peer-to-peer computer networks there are no servers.

The sharing of fax machines, printers, and modems amongst many computers and users reduce the operational cost. A database on a computer network is a very important application as it stores and runs many important data and jobs. Emails and chats can be used for instantaneous communication and sending of files on a computer network.

Computer networks have added a new dimension to the 21st century. Today the cyber world is much faster and wider than the real world. This has all been made possible due to computer networks. Computer networks have revolutionized business, communication, travel, research, defense, society and almost all human endeavors. The evolution of computer networks has helped the technological revolution take a big leap forward.

With our expertise in network technologies, we can wire your home with your office, setup up web-accessible servers and have your network working quickly and efficiently.

Networking Engineer Duration: 2 Months

  • Introduction to Network & Networking
  • LAN, WAN Networking
  • Workgroup & Domain
  • Network Cables
  • Network Topology
  • Network Devices
  • OSI Models
  • Network Protocols
  • IP Addressing
  • Cable Crimping
  • Win XP Client Installation
  • Win 2003 Server Installation
  • File Sharing & Permissions
  • User Properties
  • Disk Quota
  • Home Directory
  • Roaming Profile
  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote Assistance
  • Red Hat Linux
  • Unix Commands
  • User Administration
  • Group Management
  • Hard disk partitioning
  • Linux Network Commands