Spoken English

Communication skills is the set of skills that enables a person to convey information as effectively as possible so that it is received and understood in the right way. Effective communication is all about conveying your message to other people clearly and unambiguously. Its not only about conveying the message but also about how effectively you receive and understand once message with as little distortion as possible.

In-fact we say, that communication is successful only when both the persons, one delivering the message and the other receiving the message gets the same information as a result of the communication. When this happens it is a successful communication.

By having successful communication it means you have conveyed your ideas and thoughts clearly and effectively. But if one does not have a successful communication, results could be very odd or they could be disaster too.

When not successful, the thoughts and ideas that you actually wanted to send, not necessarily reflect what you think, causing a communications breakdown and creating road barriers that stand in the way of your goals – both personally and professionally.


  • Introduce yourself & Others
  • Talking about Family & Describing People
  • Talking about Time & Events
  • Talking about Feelings, Likes & Dislikes
  • Asking Questions & Simple Shopping
  • Grammar - Noun, Singulars & Plurals
  • Pronouns & Adjectives
  • Verb & Verb Tenses
  • Tenses & its forms
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions, Conjunctions & Interjections
  • Vocabulary
  • Affixes and Prefixes
  • Reading & Writing
  • Group Discussions
  • Practice & Exam