Tally ERP 9

Accounting is the backbone of business. Ethical and professional accounting forms a clear financial image of a business, and allows managers to make informed decisions, keeps investors abreast of developments in the business, and keeps the business profitable. It is also one of the oldest professions; businesses have been practicing accounting for thousands of years. Cuneiform tablets from the fertile crescent, for example, show clear evidence of accounting practices.

A number of disciplines are involved in accounting. At the root of all accounting is book keeping. A book keeper keeps tracks of all of the funds that a business handles, including money paid to the business, money paid out, and assets that the business holds. The book keeper's goal is to keep the ledgers of the company balanced so that anyone can assess, at a glance, the financial state of the company. Records handled by a book keeper include payroll, company ledgers, bank statements, and paperwork pertaining to real estate and investments.

  • Accounting Concepts,
  • Gateway of Tally-Menu & Buttons,
  • Company Creation,
  • Company Info menu, Features & Configuration
  • Accounts Masters
  • Accounts Group, Ledgers,
  • Voucher Types, Voucher Class,
  • Accounts Transaction,
  • Cheque & Money Receipt Printing
  • Accounts Reports
  • Final Accounts,
  • Books of Accounts,
  • Statement of Accounts,
  • Inventory Masters
  • Inventory concepts,
  • Inventory Transactions, Reports
  • Stock Group, Categories, Item.
  • Godown
  • Inventory Vouchers,
  • Invoice, Challan, Order, Quotation,
  • Enquiry, Proforma Invoice.
  • Printing, Backup, Restore, Rewrite, Security
  • Tally Vault, Splitting of Company,
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Introduction to Web Browser, E-Mail, Web Publishing.
  • VAT
  • Enabling TDS